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SecureToken ST3

The Overview

SecureToken is an advanced secure microprocessor smart chip based USB token that integrates with powerful cryptographic technology designed for strong 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). It can be used to mitigate potential risk of unsafe traditional password based security for digital resources and transactions. SecureToken will make sure only authenticated user can gain access into sensitive data / information / system or authorized any crucial transaction. It enables secure 2FA which combines "What you have (SecureToken)" and "What you know (User PIN)" during the access authentication process.

SecureToken ST3

SecureToken ST3 is the latest state of the art Auto-Install model which combines both high speed and high security 32-bit microprocessor with 128K (64K usable) memory smart card based authentication device together with 2MB flash memory for Auto Installer facility for needed middleware and token manager tool. This model eliminates common hassle on implementing USB token where external media such as CD-ROM is still needed for token's middleware and tool installation manually.

SecureToken ST3 is a truly Auto Install model. No manual installation is needed for device driver and middleware. Choose SecureToken ST3 if you are looking for the best option with maximum speed, security and convenient. Limited middleware customization is possible.

Feature Highlights:

  • Onboard generation of RSA 2048-bit key pair

    Key pairs generated onboard together with digital signing on hardware thus ensure for maximum security. It offers secure encrypted storage for X.509 v3 digital certificates.

  • Random Number generation performed on hardware

    FIPS compliance Random Number generation on hardware for strong challenge response authentication.

  • Built-in support for RSA, DES, 3DES, MD5 and SHA-1 algorithms

    Supports various powerful security algorithms with advanced encryption/decryption on hardware ready.

  • Middleware support PKCS#11 and Microsoft CAPI applications

    Seamless integration to many popular applications such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Firefox and more. Powerful plug and play connectivity to PKI applications.

  • Supports multiple PKI and smart card applications

    One SecureToken ST3 can store multiple key pairs and ready to use on multiple PKI or smart card applications.

  • Compliant and Certified by International Standards

    FIPS compliant, RoHS compliant, PC/SC compliant, CE and FCC Conformity Certified.

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